Narayan-Singh's books open the door to client-centered communication by allowing one to ask the questions - “Am I like this?” - “What part of this interpretation of disease or events resonates deeply within me?” - “How does this ‘awareness’ change my understanding of my circumstances, patterns of behavior, thoughts and emotions?” They reaffirm that nothing in life is separate and every moment offers insight. “Messages from the Body” brings in an invaluable psycho-spiritual perspective to natural healing work. Highly recommended and amazingly comprehensive!

A Kalnay

I have been using Messages From The Body for the last three years and it is an invaluable book in my practice as a Psychosomatic Therapist and teacher. Extremely accurate in pinpointing the emotional issues behind the physical ailments. A must-have book for therapists!

A practitioner

Dr Narayan's work is at the top of the genius class of perception, accuracy and heart-centered understanding of our human condition. Access to him and his teachings has changed my life and many others. My ability to perceive the bottom line core of beliefs and behavioral motivation of myself and others came from studying these writings, healing my stereotypes and then being free to compassionately comprehend what was happening in another's psyche. It has been a gift and privilege to have access to these teachings.

S Khalsa

I reference Messages From the Body (both my most favorite and least favorite book that I own) daily -- whether for myself, my family or my friends -- in fact, we jokingly call it “the bible” around here. I've owned a copy since 2006, and I still consult it regularly on issues as small as ingrown toenails and as dramatic as knee surgery. In every case, it seems as if, when reading the emotional/spiritual ailment behind any of my body's maladies, it's a personalized “biography of me”. Admittedly, while I most often appreciate insight into the root of my issue, sometimes I just wanna blame it on someone else -- but, well, the information on what I'm trying to hide from myself ultimately trumps, and I am able to move forward in life more effectively. For this, words can't express the appreciation I feel for Narayan-Singh (Michael Lincoln).

L Mason

We have used “Messages From the Body” constantly over the years and shared it with friends. At least 9 times out of 10, people are amazed at how well it fits them. I didn't like the book when we first purchased it. It seemed to me that the part about the family was so negative. Often I would skip that sentence for myself or when I was reading from the book for others. But as I began to understand that the people I work with each day are part of my family then I began to appreciate the additional information about the family. We have people call us from all over US and Canada asking us to look something up in the book. Thank you so much Lynne for editing it.

L & G Wilson