Books in Print

The books of Narayan-Singh are presented in two different layouts: the dictionary format, where a comprehensive Introduction to a topic is followed by all the excerpts listed alphabetically A to Z and the textbook format, where issues within the dysfunctional family system are divided into a series of chapters and subheadings.

The Healing Series

messages from the body

Book cover - Messages From The Body

A description of the interaction of physical, emotional, mental, symbolic and sacred processes as they precipitate outcomes in the form of diseases, disorders and disruptions followed by a “dictionary” of the psychological and sometimes sacred meanings of hundreds of disturbances from sneezes to cancer. Order »

addictions & cravings: their psychological meanings

Book cover - Addictions and cravings: their psychological meanings

An overview of the nature of addiction and passionate preferences plus a “dictionary” of psychological (and occasionally sacred) meanings of a wide variety of addictions and cravings, ranging from “crack” to Mozart. Order »

allergies & aversions: their psychological meanings

Book cover - Allergies and aversions: their psychological meanings

A succinct summary of the mechanisms underlying the allergic response, followed by a “dictionary” of the psychological dynamics and learning histories underlying the 300+ most common allergies listed by the American Allergy Association. Order »

problematic patterns: behavioral, psychological and psychiatric problems—their emotional meanings

Book cover - Problematic patterns: behavioral psychological and psychiatric problems—their emotional meanings

A brief discussion of the nature of problematic patterns of personal and behavioral functioning, followed by a “dictionary” of many patterns such as the DSM psychiatric diagnostic system, the “developmental arrests” and Narayan-Singh's “life scripts.” Order »


The Dictionaries

hue are you?

Book cover - Hue Are You—Colors and Their Psychological Meanings

A presentation of personality implications of strongly liking or disliking over 90 common colors. Each color has a number of different personality types associated with strong attraction or revulsion to the color. Order »

nonverbal messages “body language”

Book cover - Nonverbal Messages: “Body Language”

A “dictionary” of what it means when you characteristically engage in particular nonverbal behaviors. It covers postures, gestures, physical contact behaviors, positionings, locomotion, equipment usage as well as vocal characteristics. Order »

speech habits

Book cover - Speech Habbits

Our verbal expressions convey our attitudes towards ourselves, the world, the audience and the Cosmos. This “dictionary” details the meanings of hundreds of common words and phrases we use with “chronic high frequency.” What we habitually say reveals who we really are! Order »

what was that all about?!

Book cover - What Was THAT All About?!

A “dictionary” of “sudden onset” and “short shot” upheavals and interruptions of the flow of things involving events, motives and emotions, behaviors, bodily disturbances, significant events, from stubbing your toe, bouncing checks or having a heart attack. Order »

animal activities: their psycho-symbolic meanings—a shaman’s handbook

Book cover - Animal Activities

A discussion of the nature of animals as symbols in our lives, how to interpret them plus the archetypic, symbolic and psychological meanings of +660 animals, existing or mythological. Order »

my car, myself

Book cover - My Car, Myself

The psychological meanings of having your car break down, with regard to what is happening with you at the time, as an “early warning system.” It covers most of the major car components, ranging from fuel pump to floor mats. Order »

household hot spots: their psycho-symbolic & psycho-utilitarian meanings

Book cover - Household Hot Spots

The psychological and symbolic meanings of breakdowns of household structures, resources and equipment, from the yard to the kitchen sponge. These breakdowns are also an “early warning system,” so that you can do something about your inner issues before they become more serious. Order »

clothes consciousness

Book cover - Clothes Consciousness

An overview of the meanings and functions of bodily adornment and of clothing, followed by a “dictionary” of psychological meanings for a rather substantial number of common clothing articles. It includes a discussion of what it means when various components or adornments are damaged or lost. Order »


Family Issues

a funny thing happened…on the way to my life

Book cover - A funny thing happened…On The Way To My Life

A description of the emotional developmental process as it relates to the foundational formation of personality. It lays out the “critical periods” occurring during the first two years of life that determine who we become. Understanding the eight personality patterns and the distorting effect of dysfunctional angry-gamy parenting has a deeply healing effect. Order »

it's all in the family

Book cover - It's All In The Family

An in-depth exploration of the “life scripts” that result from three fundamental family system pathologies common today. These “life scripts” are the foundation of the formation of our personalities, along with the “developmental arrest flat lines” that they precipitate. The book includes detailed descriptions of the 32 “life scripts.” Order »

honey, i blew up the kids!

Book cover - Honey, I Blew Up The Kids!

An in-depth exploration of the issues, problematic patterns and experiences of parenting and intervening with children in a healing endeavor. Also provided is a comprehensive approach to parenting and interventions based on realistic and vital awareness and values. Order »

loving thy neighbor: a heart-centered approach

Loving Thy Neighbor - The Face-Reading Book

The “text book” of Narayan-Singh's approach to face-reading from an open-hearted approach. Everything from the individual's life history to the nature of their soul and destiny is discernable in the face. It includes a transcript of a live face reading. Order »