Welcome to Lynne R Henderson Publications. We are the exclusive Canadian publisher of the works of Dr Narayan-Singh Khalsa. Starting in the mid-1990's and continuing for a 10-year period, we were privileged to have hosted Narayan-Singh in Vancouver, BC where he lectured and consulted with hundreds of people. We enjoyed many hours of entertaining classes, compelling conversations and new-found awarenesses.

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About the Books

As psychologist and prolific author, Narayan-Singh has made a unique and significant contribution through his many books. MESSAGES FROM THE BODY is the most celebrated bestseller, along with ADDICTIONS & CRAVINGS, ALLERGIES & AVERSIONS and PROBLEMATIC PATTERNS. Together they comprise The Healing Series, a potent set of reference books that clarify and interpret the various symptoms that plague our bodies, emotions and lives. Literally no stone is left unturned in the amount of detail offered.

Doctors and practitioners in the fields of psychology, naturopathy and homeopathy are some of the many fans of these transformational writings. They are of inestimable value to those people who are looking for answers and insights beyond the traditional medical model. A must-have PDR (Physician's Desk Reference)!

The Healing Series

Messages From The Body

Book cover - Messages From The Body

Addictions & Cravings

Book cover - Addictions & Cravings

Allergies & Aversions

Book cover - Allergies & Aversions

Problematic Patterns

Book cover - Problematic Patterns


The Dictionaries

Hue Are You—Colors and Their Psychological Meanings

Book cover - Hue Are You—Colors and Their Psychological Meanings

Nonverbal Messages: “Body Language”

Book cover - Nonverbal Messages: “Body Language”

Speech Habbits

Book cover - Speech Habbits

What Was THAT All About?!

Book cover - What Was THAT All About?!

Animal Activities

Book cover - Animal Activities

My Car, Myself

Book cover - My Car, Myself

Household Hot Spots

Book cover - Household Hot Spots

Clothes Consciousness

Book cover - Clothes Consciousness


Family Issues

A funny thing happened…On The Way To My Life

Book cover - A funny thing happened…On The Way To My Life

It’s All In The Family

Book cover - It's All In The Family

Honey, I Blew Up The Kids!

Book cover - Honey, I Blew Up The Kids!

Loving Thy Neighbor [The Face-Reading Book]

Loving Thy Neighbor - The Face-Reading Book